About .Wiki

.wiki is part of a massive expansion to make the Internet more representative of the many different types of projects and passions that it enables.

The .wiki TLD allows anyone, from individuals to fan clubs to corporations, to host their content on a naturally convenient extension. Internal wikis no longer have to be hidden within a larger corporate site; hobbyists and fans can build stronger community projects by starting with a memorable name; and innovative open source initiatives can get greater public attention and participation.

Wikis reflect the Internet as a whole, given that they both facilitate dynamic collaboration and greater understanding. The unique results of wiki are not possible from disconnected and individually focused methods. Generally, when you’re reading something on the web that isn’t quite right, you lack the ability to fix it, with wiki you have the ability to reorganize and improve the page in front of you. The Internet is the greatest knowledge resource ever created, and .wiki is set to become the most important space for knowledge development and innovative crowd-sourcing.

Individual and Group Benefits

Wikis are bigger than a single person, and the benefit of clearly labeling your site via  a .wiki domain is getting in contact with larger groups, whether they be curious to learn more about a niche academic study, or excited to share their passion for rock climbing, home brewing, gardening, or musical composition.

Wikis are used by developers, fan-clubs, hobbyists, academic experts, entrepreneurs, writers, and other communities to educate the wider public, and put like-minded individuals in collaborative contact to grow and define their own collective knowledge.

A website is more visible, more dynamic, and better understood with a clear .wiki domain name.

Corporate & Organizational Benefits

Companies are only as strong and successful as the individuals that power them. Countless organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to global non-profits, have long recognized the value of wiki technology and the wiki process.

Internal wikis maximize the diversity of knowledge found throughout any staff. Leaders appreciate the virtual meeting spaces created by wikis and their role as a forum where all knowledge is equal and brainstorming flourishes. Companies are also increasingly interested in reaching out to their customers and partners in an open manner, to receive feedback and collaborate with those that use their products or services everyday – there is no better way to do this than wiki.